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Mission Statement

Habitat Safe SolutionsThe most common misconception about mold removal is the idea that once you remove the mold you can see, the problem is gone. This creates a false sense of security for homeowners. In most cases the problem is made worse when it's tampered with or addressed improperly. Airborne mold should not be left behind—you don't want to breathe that in. Each environment requires a well thought-out strategy for resolving the problem based on the extent of the contamination and the dwelling's specific qualities, including the age of the home, construction methods used in the past, personal belongings, and furnishings. All of these factors, and more, play a role in forming a remediation plan.

Unfortunately, not all mold clean-ups or remediation plans are devised with care the way Habitat Safe Solutions works. Some businesses apply a broad stroke approach, which usually is at the expense of the homeowner. These traditional strategies are expensive, destructive, and potentially toxic given that the use of toxic chemicals are widely supported.

At Habitat Safe Solutions, we provide the utmost diligence in establishing a site-specific plan of action. We make sure that you, the home or business owner, are left with a clear choice and the confidence that you're moving forward to resolve your mold problem efficiently, safely, and economically.


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